Most Common Sexual Dysfunctions

Sexual dysfunction is a prevalent sexual condition affecting both male and female. It is attributed to physical or psychological issues that prevent you from achieving the ultimate satisfaction of sex. For male, sexual dysfunction is an embarrassing condition that many would prefer not to disclose.

It prevents one from achieving or maintaining an erection. In some instances, the penis may get an erection, but it fails to last long enough for a mature ejaculation. In females, Sexual dysfunction is seen when a woman showcases less desire to have sex, inability to orgasm during sex, painful sex, and failure to get aroused. Below are some of the most common sexual dysfunctions prevalent in male.

1. Premature Ejaculation

It is a rampant sexual disorder in men that is manifested when a man has no control over his ejaculates. It causes one to ejaculate at the start of intercourse or midway the act of sex before your partner’s wish is accomplished. The contact with or penetrating the vagina causes much excitation and intense anxiety such that the man cannot hold back his load. Due to this condition, such men express less interest in sex since they are afraid of sexual shaming.

2. Erectile dysfunction

It is a sexual disorder that manifests itself through the inability to attain and sustain an erection to satisfy your partner. You can attain a short-lived erection while masturbating, but during a sexual encounter, things are bound to go south.

It is a common disorder for people with diabetes, atherosclerosis, obesity, kidney disease, and even hypogonadism. Its causes get attributed to the physical structure of the penis, insufficient hormonal levels, the insufficient blood supply in the penis and faulty nervous system. Even so, the triggers can be both physical and psychological. Stress, anxiety, and depression can also cause erectile dysfunction.

3. Low libido

It is mostly referred to as the hypoactive sexual desire. The subjects with the sexual disorder exhibits low sex drive. Low libido does not result from erectile issues. Men who showcase low sex drive have no problem achieving or sustaining an erection. All they lack is the constant yearning to engage in the act. The condition can result from both physical and psychological issues; such as obesity, anemia, low testosterone levels, and hypothyroidism. For psychological causes, it can result following fatigue, stress and relationship issues.

4. Delayed and inhibited ejaculation

It is a sexual dysfunction whereby one takes a long time to climax or does not climax at all. Physical and psychological factors are the underlying causes. Performance anxiety, stress, and low self-confidence are majorly the key elements causing delayed or inhibited ejaculation.

Having sexual dysfunction is not a death sentence. There are plenty of treatment programs available to suffice your needs. All you must do is visit a urologist to get the diagnosis and start treatment immediately.

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